Service Robotics Community

We are currently planning workshops and gatherings mainly in the Turku area, focusing around the topic of service robotics and its applications. Robotie Community is a gathering and an online network of people interested in crafting use cases as well as discussing about the tools and best practices for the development work.

You can get started by joining our Facebook group and introducing yourself, or by sending a message to Tiina.

Autonomous Vehicle Consortium

To address the new and exciting field of autonomous people and logistics flow systems we are gathering up an autonomous vehicle consortium from local developers and service providers in order to address the growing demand for professionals in the field. Together we are able to tackle the technical and practical challenges of bringing autonomous shuttles a reality in the the Nordic environment.

Service Robotics Platform

Cruzr service robot is an intelligent robot that can recognise faces, navigate indoors and understand commands as well as sustain discussions through a dialog AI. We are working on localising the robot so that it understands Finnish, Swedish and English fluently, and also developing practical applications build on top of the robotics platform.

We are also looking into introducing other robots to the market, suitable for different use cases such as schools, smaller venues such as restaurants and private homes.

Keywords: Natural language understanding / natural language processing, conversation and dialog flows, user experience design and development, SLAM (Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping), motor control, machine learning