What will the future look like?

A new era of human-machine interaction has arrived and is gaining traction at a rapid rate. The age of robotics allows us to automate tasks in our lives that give less value and help us focus on the more important things in life, like spending time with our loved ones and focusing on the things we wish to learn and develop.

We are working on bringing service robotics part of our every day lives, which will empower us to work smart and live better.


Service robots can be utilised for smart guidance systems in larger spaces. They can give directions in spaces like airports, retail environments or hospitals.


Robots can be an assistant to a teacher, captivating kids and giving some slack to the teacher. A robot does not get tired for repeating the same things.


Robots can service us – take orders in cafes, help deliver items for us or act as receptionists in bigger buildings. They can also act as a links for telepresence in situations where one person needs to service multiple sites.


The best use for a robot is automating mundane or dangerous work assignments, such as floor cleaning in large venues or surveillance in areas where placing large amount of cameras would be unfeasible.

Meet Cruzr

Cruzr is a cloud-based intelligent humanoid robot that provides a new generation of service applications for a wide variety of industries and domestic environments.

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Future Visions

Visio 2035

Dronelento AY8456 lentää Turun, nykyisen eTurun Blue industries satama alueen yli kyydissään 4 huippututkijaa jotka osallistuvat pian lähtevälle risteilylle kohti Tallinnaa. Drone laskeutuu satamaterminaalin katolle Drone laskeutumisalueelle. Automatisoitu laskeutuminen on sujuva ja oven avaa Cruzr


Luodaan inhimillinen tulevaisuus yhdessä palvelurobottien kanssa!

Koneälyllä varustettu palvelurobotti Cruzr kulkee yleisötapahtuman aulatilassa ja ottaa kontaktia ihmisiin. Ihmiset ovat kiinnostuneita; he hymyilevät ja nauravat robotin kohdatessaan. Lapset innostuvat tanssimaan Cruzrin kanssa robottitanssia. Mietin että miten ihania ihmisten reaktiot ovatkaan. Inhimillisen näköinen


Hello World – Cruzr at the Shift

Hello World! We made our first public appearance at this years Shift in Turku, Finland with the help of our first service robot Cruzr! The most exciting thing about it was to see the reactions